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CEO & Co-founder

Jonathan McCoy

Jonathan is the CEO and a co-founder of vCare Companion where he is leading the implementation of pilot projects in the senior living and healthcare space. With 35+ years of experience in participating and leading teams to deliver solutions across industries, he has held senior positions with world-leading tech companies, and is an entrepreneur at heart looking for ways to help.


Jonathan has focused on the senior living sector since 2007, when based on his desire to help the aging and elderly, he secured funding for and established a state-of-the-art Assisted Living Memory Care focused community. Next, he went on to form Family Care Space, the Senior Industry’s first digital twin provider which he currently leads, in addition to his responsibilities at vCare Companion. He is an enthusiast when it comes to all things robotics and generative AI and its ability to help us care for each other better.

Sanjeev Shetty

COO & Co-founder

As COO and Co-founder, Sanjeev serves as a thought leader in the aging services and hospitality industries, bringing 25 years of experience in technology strategy and innovation to vCare Companion. He is also co-founder at HelloGard Robotics, an organization with a mission to diminish staff burnout while boosting operational efficiency of medical and senior living facilities.


Prior to vCare Companion, Sanjeev led Dbsync where he was president and COO. Before that, Sanjeev spent two years at Connected Living as Chief Strategy Officer. Sanjeev has consulted extensively in the senior living space working on aging in place healthcare solutions and strategic partnerships. He also spent his early years working at Time Warner and later Spectrum, running large technology, process, and revenue organizations. Sanjeev holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science, and an MBA in Competitive Strategy. He has a deep passion for robotics and artificial intelligence.

Johan Rahardjo

CTO & Co-founder

As the CTO and CoFounder of Vcare Companion, Johan leads the company technical vision. He is also the CTO and CoFounder for HelloGard, and  CEO for Can-Am Wireless. Prior to leading Can-Am, he spent 17 years at Dell Technologies developing end user computing and enterprise datacenter solutions that drive business success.


Prior to Dell Technology, he held an engineering role at General Electric motion control division, developing industrial vehicle motor control solutions. He has authored 28 USA Patents in the computing technology area that helps customers in their digital transformation journey. Johan holds a bachelor degree in Electrical Engineering and a Master degree in Computer Engineering.

Sarah Hoit

Board Member

Sarah Hoit is a social entrepreneur, executive, and consultant. In both the private and public sectors, she has founded, led, and served organizations that deliver meaningful social impact. She currently serves on the board of vCare Companion.


Hoit became the Chief Social Impact Officer for BioVie, Inc. (Nasdaq: BIVI) in 2022,  a biotechnology pharmaceutical company that is working to create groundbreaking innovations to combat diseases like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s. In addition to her role with BioVie, Sarah is also the Founder and CEO of Social Impact Partners, a nonprofit organization whose partners share a belief in the power of collaboration to create change while also working to globally combat Alzheimer’s and neurodegenerative conditions.

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